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Chapter 2

“Ah-ma!” A boy called out from the dark, lightless living room hallway.

“Where are you?!” He called out again, this time practically crying. “I’m scared!”

It was raining and the lights were out and the only lights were the lightning striking here and there and thunder clashing into the dark skies.

“over here, son!” a female voice replied from upstairs.

Upon hearing the female voice, the little boy followed the voice upstairs until he couldn’t hear it anymore. He realized he was all alone in the middle of the bedroom hallway.

“Ah-ma!” he shouted, “I’m really scared, where are you?!” Tears profusely rolled down his face as his mother was nowhere to be found.

“I’m here my son.” The female voice ranged again.

The boy followed it into his room.

It was dark, lifeless, and spooky.

“Ah-ma?” he asked wiping away his tears as he looks around his room for signs of his mother.

“Where are you?”


The boy turned his attention to his closet. A liquid like substance glistened in the rays of the moon as it starts to spread across the hardware floor like an infection.

“Ah-ma?” he quietly asked unsure.

He crept closer and closer and closer. He slowly turned the doorknob.

“AH-MA!!!!!!!!” he screamed at the top of lungs as tears continuously drown his porcelain skin.

There laid his mother’s dead, bloody, lifeless body, stored carelessly into his closet with her eyes open.

“Ah-ma!” he continued to cry. Blood stained his shoes as his mother grabbed him by the collar.

The boy, now in his early 20s imminently awoken from the dream and exhaled sharply.

“Not again” I muttered to myself as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. "Not again".


Chapter 2


"Ah-ma! Ah-ma!" a young boy in his early years hollered once more out of frustration as he comes to a halt.

A crowd at the bus stop turned around to see the commotion, but only one turned around and smiled.

The young boy sighed of relief and starts gaining again.

He halted in front of a woman in her late 30s with her hair in a bun and dressed in work uniform carrying nothing much but a small bag fit for a pencil.

"Why are you here?" the woman questioned. “Weren’t you mad at me?”

"Ah-ma." the boy smiled. “I can NEVER be mad at you.” He said as he takes something out of his backpack, "ah, and you left in such a hurry, you forgot this!" he handed her a brown paper bag.

The mother opened up the brown paper bag and her smile brightened. "thank you, son."  She said bending down to his level, giving him a hug.

"Now off you go to school, okay?" she stressed as she lightly kisses him on the head.

"Araso!" the boy smiled and gestured a ‘fighting’ sign.

The woman smiled back in satisfaction.

"Saranghaeyo, son" she kissed him again "I always do and I always will."


The boy nodded as the bus finally arrives.

 As the mother ascended the bus and leaves the little boy behind, the mother turned around and waved goodbye once more to make sure the boy see it.

 The little boy smiled and waved her mother goodbye until the bus was out of sight.



The boy falls to the ground in pain.


"YOU SON OF A B*TCH!" a husky male voice screeched.  

“Wake up!”


The boy in his late teens unhesitatingly awakens from his dream and groaned silently in pain at the sight of a book resting on top of his stomach.

He turns his head to examine the narrow ceiling only to find more spider web closing in on him.

“ugh…” he let out in annoyance as he switched positions.

 “WAKE UP!” the male husky voice screeched in through his opened room again.


He turned to look at his alarm clock.

 “2:25 a.m.”

“SH*T!” he cried as he quickly got out of bed and rummaged through his dark, messy, tiny room to find his work uniform.

“ah! Where the f*ck is it?!” he inquired.

After what seem like 5 min, he finally found his uniform and dashed for the bathroom.

He splashed cold water in his face and looked at his hideous face.



“Here you go, ahjumma.” He smiled as she took a bite and smiled with glee.

“What is this?!” he asked as he snatched the item from the little boys brown bag.

 “It’s a cookie” the little boy frighteningly replied.

The older male brought the cookie to his face to examine and after 2 seconds took a large bite into the chocolate chip cookie and imminently threw it onto the ground and smashed it with his foot.

“You don’t bring cookies to strangers do you understand!” he shouted at the little boy as he rolled his eyes at the ahjumma on the street.

The little boy nodded profusely.

“Come here!” he grabbed the little boy by the wrist and took him all the way home and told him to wait by the hallway. He went into the kitchen and came back with a broom and aimed the wooden end at the little boy.




“Aboji…Where’s mother?” the boy asked as his father was sitting in the living room watching t.v.

“What?” The father turning his attention to the little boy.

“Where’s mother?”

Father rolled his eyes as he stood from the suede couch and came closer to the boy with a stick besides him in one hand.




“Aboji!!” the little boy called as he came into the house and drop his backpack in the hallway.

“What?” Father hollered from his room.

The little boy noticed the father wasn’t in the living room and went into fathers bedroom and found him sitting on his bed fixing his tie while checking himself out in the mirror.

“Aboji....” the little boy asked again.

“What do you want?” father asked, not even looking his way.

“Aboji…” The boy said as he went to sit next to his father on his bed. “My graduation is tomorrow, can you come?”

“What?” He finished fixing his tie and turned to look at the little boy in disbelief.

“You called me all the way from the living room, just to tell me this?”

The little boy nodded.

“No!” His voice rose in anger. “I don’t have time for such nonsense!”


“Aboji…” The 11 year old smiled. “I made you cookies.”

Father glanced at the boy and then onto the brown paper bag close to his face. He immediately stop trying to fit his feet into his leather shoes as he rushes to the closet and got out a metal rod.



End of Flashback.

He quickly shook off the images of the past and wiped his tears forming in the corner of his eyes and went into the kitchen to fix himself breakfast.


“What the f*ck do you think you’re doing?!” the male husky voice roared from the dark hallway of the house.


The boy stopped what he was doing and turned to the voice with no face.

“I need to eat before going to work.”

He continued fixing his breakfast as the male husky voice closed in and came into view.

He was dressed casually whom had just got in.

“You’re already late, and you still think you have time for breakfast?!” he shouted at the young boy.

“GO!” he pointed at the entrance door.

As the boy didn’t respond, the male figure went to the closet and took out a golf club.

The boy was left speechless.

“Don’t make me FORCE you like last time.” he emphasized, holding onto the golf club in his right hand ready to attack at anytime.

The boy looked at him and stopped making a peanut butter jam sandwich and walked out without a word.


The boy walked slowly as he approaches the bus stop and sat down on the bench provided. He questions his existence.

“I remember when I was a kid, I wasn’t like this. What happened?” he questioned himself.

“That’s right….” He sighed in confirmation. “Mother.”

The bus approaches him as he inhale the polluted air of Busan as if it was his last.

“Time for answers.”





Jaejoong, a work of art, detailed in aspects of vignettes. His personality sensitive, aggresive and selfish.


      I turned my head right and then left and then right again. The pupil from my eyes weakened as my grip slipped. The sound in my eardrums grew louder and louder, as i try to pull myself together trying to just stand up straight. While the rain poured harder, it collided with my tears and made massive disasters. It toured up the world right in front of my eyes.

A groan from my lips, "no one will know, no one will notice."

Did i killed that spark that started my evolution of us? Aniyeo.

     I am selfish, im aggresive, and im sensitive... But only she understood me. sometimes she didnt though. It was that slightess of noise, of thunder that serperated our choice of words, our choice of action. She chose to listen i chose to wonder. But i thought that wisdom begins in wonder. All i wanted was wisdom, so i wonder. I wondered and wondered. Searching for wisdom was what destroyed me.


     In the darkest nights of days, A young man sat helplessly onto an abandoned bench deep inside the rotten heart of seoul, where no souls walk nor technology in site; He laid down an item onto the bench as if fragile and brought his trembling hands up to his chest and gazed at in, in deep thoughts, while tears continuously rolls down. He questions himself if what he did was right.

    "Did I do the right thing?" He asked himself profusely. "Would she have wanted this?"

    While in  reminiscing of the past, Jaejoong then stood up and wiped the cold, dried blood he commited onto his pants and picked up the item on the bench and walked a few miles until he sees a lifeless, vicious, calm lake. He didnt stop there; he walked in, deeper and deeper where the bottom of the lake couldnt be reached anymore, where it has dissapeared. Jae caresslessly sunk lower and lower then away the items drifted. They departed from his trechorous hands.


Midnight Mourn


       Joint Fanfiction by Daffneylee and J...


    * Title: Midnight Mourn
    * Also known as: Witching's Will
    * Genre: action, suspense, thriller, love, drama
    * Episodes: TBA
    * Broadcast network: TBA
    * Broadcast period: 2009-June-15 to ????
    * Air time: Saturday & Sunday
    * Theme Song: Darkness Eyes by TVXQ


    Jaejoong is a sensitive boy. He lost his biological father in an accident way before he even came out of the womb. He was born into the world as a helpful, cute little boy who would help his mother with everything with a satisfied smile. He would also bring little cookies he learned from helping his mother to her work on a daily basis; he received so much love from his mother and returned that love to everyone around him.

    But that all changed when he came home to a disheveled house and witness his mother's bloody, dead body stored carelessly in his closet at the tender age of 5.

    After his mother's death, he was severely abused by his stepfather which mutated him into to an angry bitter person who knew what death, pain, and flagitious is, but never knew what love was, nor meant anymore; until he meets an innocent girl who was able to let him see the light of days and someone he can open his heart too.

    But while on his conquest to knocking each demons doors in search of the devil for answers to his mothers death, someone ambushed and murdered the girl he loves.

Now he's mad, he's equipped, hes determined, he's confident, and he's out for REVENGE x2!!!
(FYI: KINDA CHEEZY, but it'll do for now. :P)


    * Kim Jaejoong as Kim Jaejoong
    * Zhang Li Yin as Jang Ri in
    * Kim Junsu as Yoo Junsu


    * Jung Yunho as Jung Yunho
    * Shim Changmin as Choikang Changmin
    * Park Yoochun as Micky Yoochun
    * Kyun Mi Ri as Yang Ok Kyung (Jaejoong's Mother)
    * Jun Kwang Ryul as Kim Geum-Wa (Jaejoong's Stepfather)


    * Darkness Eyes by TVXQ
    * Stand by You by TVXQ
    * A Million Years Love by TVXQ
    * Why Did I Fall In Love Wit You by TVXQ
    * O by TVXQ
    * Timeless by Jang Ri in ft. Xiah Junsu
    * Hearthquake by Super Junior