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Midnight Memories
daffneylee and judyvang
15th-Jun-2009 04:27 am


Jaejoong, a work of art, detailed in aspects of vignettes. His personality sensitive, aggresive and selfish.


      I turned my head right and then left and then right again. The pupil from my eyes weakened as my grip slipped. The sound in my eardrums grew louder and louder, as i try to pull myself together trying to just stand up straight. While the rain poured harder, it collided with my tears and made massive disasters. It toured up the world right in front of my eyes.

A groan from my lips, "no one will know, no one will notice."

Did i killed that spark that started my evolution of us? Aniyeo.

     I am selfish, im aggresive, and im sensitive... But only she understood me. sometimes she didnt though. It was that slightess of noise, of thunder that serperated our choice of words, our choice of action. She chose to listen i chose to wonder. But i thought that wisdom begins in wonder. All i wanted was wisdom, so i wonder. I wondered and wondered. Searching for wisdom was what destroyed me.


     In the darkest nights of days, A young man sat helplessly onto an abandoned bench deep inside the rotten heart of seoul, where no souls walk nor technology in site; He laid down an item onto the bench as if fragile and brought his trembling hands up to his chest and gazed at in, in deep thoughts, while tears continuously rolls down. He questions himself if what he did was right.

    "Did I do the right thing?" He asked himself profusely. "Would she have wanted this?"

    While in  reminiscing of the past, Jaejoong then stood up and wiped the cold, dried blood he commited onto his pants and picked up the item on the bench and walked a few miles until he sees a lifeless, vicious, calm lake. He didnt stop there; he walked in, deeper and deeper where the bottom of the lake couldnt be reached anymore, where it has dissapeared. Jae caresslessly sunk lower and lower then away the items drifted. They departed from his trechorous hands.


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